What is GottaGo?

Have you ever wanted to meet up with your friends somewhere but have gotten lost in the process? After countless calls and texts, vague directions, and 30 minutes of wasted time you finally manage to find one another. That's lost time and effort that could have been better spent elsewhere.

With GottaGo, you can easily connect and coordinate with your friends, family members, and co-workers in your day-to-day activities! GottaGo is a suite of map-centric, meet-up apps for iPhones, iPads and Android phones, tablets and browsers. This means most mobile devices.

With our chat feature, you can text your friends on your trip like 'group text' without being penalized by your text plan.

With GottaGo's ETA feature, you'll know when they will arrive and exactly how far away everyone is.

With our Panic Button, ask for help and assistance from either 911, or from your own circle of friends and family for various 'emergencies' of life!