Cascades Rewards

You like GottaGo Gives, but you’ll LOVE it even more when GottaGo Gives gives you $$$$ as cash rewards! That’s what ‘Gives’ in the name of the app means! When we were designing the app, we wanted to give back to our users. What better than to give back $$$?

So here is how it works:when you buys the GottaGo Gives app for $4.99 from Apple’s app store or the Android Play Store, you become eligible to receive cash rewards through Cascades Rewards system.

After you create an account, you will be presented with a screen to “recommend the app to your friends”. These friends are your Facebook Friends, your Twitter Followers and your Phone Contacts. You can also recommend the app anytime from the map screen using the “Recommend GottaGo Gives” button next to the SOS button. The third way to do recommend is by pressing Friends tab, then “add Friends” button, and then access the “Recommend Friends” screen.You can still enjoy the app with all its powerful features without recommending it to anyone, but then you will miss out on potential cash rewards.

The "Recommend GottaGo" screen lets you recommend people in 3 ways:

  1. Use Contacts: the next screen shows your contacts that have a phone number: select any of those contacts. They will get a text message about GottaGo Gives.
  2. Use Facebook: the app will send a status update about GottaGo Gives on your behalf.
  3. Use Twitter: the app will send a tweet about GottaGo Gives on your behalf.

After using these three ways, you can of course tell them more about the app when you meet them or talk to them on phone or even email them. That will certainly help them make up their mind. Besides, you will want to have them on your trips together as GottaGo Gives friends anyhow!

Hopefully your friends will also want to buy GottaGo Gives when you recommend it to them. If they do they need to click on the link they receive from you to go to the App Store / Play Store and get the app. When they do, you get the Cascades reward.

But that is not all!

You get Cascades rewards when ‘their’ friends get GottaGo Gives, too!...and their friends!!….and their friends!!!!.................

It all adds up. And adds up big time. Especially if you have hundreds of FB Friends or Twitter Followers. Do you want to know how much it matters? Use our handy calculator to find out how much Cascades rewards you can get. In the first box, combine all your Friends, Followers, and Contacts into one number. But remember, this is only an estimate. We can’t guarantee this number. Use this tool to do your own “what if” scenarios. It’s also a handy tool to do a ‘quick and dirty’ ROI for some of our “financial types”.

One of the main rules is if two GottaGo Users recommend to one person, only the first person to recommend in time gets the credit for that recommendation.


Some TIPS for maximizing your Cascades Rewards:

Questions? Check out our FAQ here.